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Electronics Items Parcel Box - Auctioned/Undelivered Items Package

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This box has all type electronic(Mobile/Laptop Accessories) or related general consumer items. it may contain  Phones & tablets accessories, Fashion Gadgets, Headphone, Computer accessories, Bluetooth Device, smart electronics and other unique items.

This parcel box contains unsold, undelivered, customer returns, shelf-pulls and overstocks mixed new Liquidated stock items.

We deliver you this box as it is imported and We do not check the contents of the box, we do not know the exact ratio of the quantity of the goods and that makes this parcel box unique and exciting.

Pictures shown here on this product page are for example/sample purposes only, and the parcel box items may not be exact same as shown in pictures.

This Parcel Box is filled with random items,  There is no guarantee you will get any specific items in the box and may not suitable for wholesale. See Liquidation stock products policy


Items in boxLiquidation Stock Items
Carton Box Dimensions
8 x 12 x 12 inch
Product TypesElectronics Accessories(Mobile/Laptop)
Products Condition
Liquidated Inventory Lot Items(Random)
Shipping Time1-2 Weeks
Returns/RefundsNOT ACCEPTED

-- Parcel Box / Package Information --

हम इस बॉक्स में क्या बेच रहे हैं और ये आइटम कीमत में सस्ते क्यों हैं?

सबसे पहले हम आपको यह बता दें कि ये Product आइटम कहां से आते हैं और हम ऐसे Product आइटम कैसे खरीदते हैं।

1. जब किसी ग्राहक को address या दूसरी कोई समस्या के कारण ऑर्डर पैकेज डिलीवर नहीं किया जा सकता या कभी-कभी ऑर्डर किया गया पैकेज Transit में खो जाता है तब वह पैकेज वापस कूरियर सेवा के वेयरहाउस में चला जाता है, और भी कई कारणों से बहुत सारे ऑर्डर पैकेज कूरियर सर्विस वेयरहाउस में ही रह जातेे हैं क्योंकि उन पार्सल को कुछ कारणों से डिलीवर नहीं किया जा सकता है। और इस वजह से कूरियर सर्विस ऐसे product आइटम की नीलामी करती है और उस नीलामी में बहुत सारे Quality और महंगे उत्पाद होते हैं।

2. जब कोई विदेश से कोई Product खरीदता है और फिर उसके बाद ऑर्डर कस्टम विभाग के पास आता है और फिर कभी-कभी ग्राहक Custom's duty नहीं दे पाता है, इस प्रकार वह पैकेज उनके पास ही रह जाता है और फिर कस्टम विभाग ऐसी वस्तुओं की नीलामी करता है, जिसमें महंगे व सभी प्रकार के Product आइटम शामिल होते हैं।

3. कभी-कभी जब Seller अपने स्टॉक को पूरा बेच नहीं पाते हैंं या Products बिना बिके रह जाते हैं या कभी-कभी विक्रेता अपनी दुकान बदलते हैं तब अपने वर्तमान स्टॉक को सस्ते दामों पर या नीलामी करके बेच देते हैं।

हम अपने Suppliers से इस तरह के स्टॉक लॉट खरीदने से पहले सभी स्टॉक लॉट आइटम्स का अच्छे से निरिक्षण करते है ताकि हमारे ग्राहकों को अच्छी गुणवत्ता वाले प्रोडक्ट ही मिले।

हम स्टॉक लॉट आइटम के पैकेज कैसे बनाते हैं?

जब हम Undelivered, unsold या नीलामी की गई वस्तुओं का स्टॉक लॉट खरीदते हैं जिसमें बड़ी मात्रा में आइटम होते हैं, तो हम उस लॉट को छोटे लॉट में विभाजित करते हैं (उचित गणना करने के बाद), इस तरह हम स्टॉक लॉट आइटम के पैकेज बनाते हैं जिनको हम बंडल/पार्सल बॉक्स/पैकेज भी कहतेे हैं।

हम स्टॉक लॉट को छोटे पैकेजों में क्यों विभाजित करते हैं?

हम अपने Suppliers से Undelivered, unsold या नीलाम की गई वस्तुओं के स्टॉक लॉट खरीदते हैं और इन बड़े स्टॉक लॉट में बड़ी मात्रा में आइटम होते हैं, कि लागत और Item quantity एक खरीदार के लिए निषेधात्मक होगी, इसलिए हम बड़े लॉट को छोटे-छोटे लॉट में विभाजित करके छोटे पैकेज बनाते हैं ताकि हर Customer के लिए खरीदना संभव हो सके।

What We're selling in this box and Why these items are cheaper in price?

First of all We want to tell you Where These product item come from and How We buy such product items.

1. When a order package isn't delivered to customer due to an address or shipping issue or sometimes ordered package is lost in transit and that package is returned back to warehouse of the Courier service, and due to numerous reasons lot of order packages remain in Courier service warehouse because those parcels can not be delivered for some reasons.

Now on time to time Courier Service do auction of those undelivered products and that auction has lot of quality and expensive products.

2. When someone buy any product from foreign countries and then after that order reaches to custom's department and then sometime customer is unable to pay custom's duty, thus that package remain in their warehouse and then custom's department do auction of such items, which contains all type of product items including expensive one.

3. Sometime when sellers are not able to sell their stocks or products left unsold or sometime seller moves to another location and sell their current stock lot in cheap prices or by doing auction.

Before We buy such stock lots from our suppliers, We carefully inspect all the stock lot items to ensure that our customers get quality products.

How do We make Packages of Stock lot items?

When We buy Stock lot of Undelivered, Unsold, Customer Returns, Overstock, Auctioned items which contains large quantities items, We split that lot into smaller lots(after doing proper calculations), that's how We make Packages of Stock lot items and these smaller lots are also called items Bundle/Parcel Box/Package.

Why We split Stock lot into small Packages?

We Buy Stock lot of Undelivered, Unsold, Customer Returns, Overstock, Auctioned items (from various sources/suppliers) and these big Stock lot contain large quantities items, that the cost would be prohibitive for one buyer, So We split up the lot of inventory into smaller lots and make small Packages of random items to attract a larger pool of buyers.

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  • Parmesh Saha Verified Buyer


    First ordered on Cash on delivery and paid 699 advance for COD but later needed to convert my order to prepaid because of COD service unavailability, I was little hesitant whether I'll receive my order or not but I got my order delivered on time. In my parcel box I got amazing items and I'm 101% satisfied with the items I received but converting my COD order to prepaid was little bothering. Overall good experience shopping with bhomo.com

  • Sukhdev Singh Verified Buyer


    Pehele thoda doubt tha jab bhomo.com ka ad dekha but ab trust ho geya kyoki real me products bohot ache nikle ❤️ products ke liye 5 star delivery ke liye 4 star kyoki thoda time jyada laga order milne me.

  • Alok Sen P Verified Buyer


    1 number saare product, noise ki smartwatch and mobile realme ka mila or sab zarurt ki item mile, thank You sir

  • Naveen Sen Verified Buyer


    Feedback: Thank you BHOMO team for sending my order. each product was excellent and trendy. Iam happy with the order and service. I will suggest my friends to buy from bhomo.com

  • Md Syed Verified Buyer


    First of all I want to Thank you Bhomo.com for the customers service. Despite calling and messaging them frequently, You guys explained me each and every thing very politely. All the product items are top quality, I'm satisfied for the products I received but I would like to suggest you please improve your delivery time because delay creates lot of desperation. Good work

  • Navneet Gill Verified Buyer


    Really very happy of my parcal. Nic qoality all item. very good service

  • Raiyani Nikunj R Verified Buyer


    I got my parcel today, packaged very well in thick cardboard box and all the products are awesome. 5 star for products but 4 star for delivery as it was too late

  • Mahendra Rao Verified Buyer


    3* because matter is under process. After solution will decide

  • Farukh Sheikh Verified Buyer


    I m sooo hapy realme c11 mobile annd airpods mile DIN ban gaya or ab to price bhi kam kar diyo ek or buy kar raha please iss bar bhi ache items bhejna. love from nagaur rajsthan ❤️❤️❤️

  • Abhishek Jain Verified Buyer


    Thank you so much for Delivering my Parcel. Received some of Good Items and some Average Items && WORTH the Buying Price.NO COMPLAIN

  • Shyamal Bhunia Verified Buyer


    Thanks for delivering my order. It is delivered with average items, not so good and not so bad, overall it was a good experience and I don't any complains.

  • Swaimaan Aulakh Verified Buyer


    First time buyer of this website and very happy and satisfied with the product and service. 👌

  • Suresh Prajapat Verified Buyer


    Grabe!! wow I'm super satisfied with what I got. in fact, the worth of the items is way more than what I paid. box price is very fair so that anyone can buy this. so for me this is must buy product and I'm happy because box is well packed and secured. 😍I'm happy because I got to experience this so would recommend to all. and I will definitely repeat from this website. Thank you so much and I will buy again!😃

  • Vicky Kankariya Verified Buyer


    My feedback: Products are all good and worth more than the price 👌 Delivery is not too fast but it's ok if you get such items 👍 Service is also okay. overall its a great purchase 👍

  • Deepak Suhanda Verified Buyer


    मेने इनका यूट्यूब पर एड देखा था उसके बाद आर्डर किया लेकिन मन में थोड़ा डर था की क्या पता क्या चीज़ें मिलेगी या मिलेगी भी की नहीं, आर्डर करे 10 दिन हो गए थे लेकिन अभी तक डिलीवरी नहीं हुई उससे और टेंशन हो गयी और मेने इनके कस्टमर केयर के नंबर पर खूब फ़ोन कर कर के गालियां देता रहा और वो लोग कहते रहे सर हम प्रयास कर रहे जल्दी डिलीवरी के लिये, सच बताऊ तो में बहुत गुस्सा था और आज आखिर मुझे कॉल आया की आपका पार्सल है, जब मेने बॉक्स को खोला तो मेरा पूरा गुस्सा एकदम से शांत हो गया क्योकि बॉक्स में ऐसे ऐसे आइटम थे जिनकी अगर कीमत जोड़े तो बॉक्स खरीदने की लागत से कहीं गुणा ज्यादा का सामान उस बॉक्स में आया और साथ में एक लेटर था जिसमे लिखा दीपक जी आपको जो परेशानी हुई उसके लिए हम दिल से माफ़ी मांगते है। और यह देख कर तो मुझे और अच्छा लगा। में bhomo.com के कस्टमर केयर वालो से माफ़ी चाहता हु अगर मेने कुछ ज्यादा परेशान किया हो तो। बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

  • Darpan Patil Verified Buyer


    I see lot of people saying they got mobile phone but I did not get any mobile inside box but I got a smart-watch and 1TB SSD hard drive which is very useful for the photographers like me. earphones, wireless accesories, mobile and laptop accesories type small items also inside box. worth buying 😊

  • Surendra Gosai Verified Buyer


    achha samaan mila very nice-- pura pesa wasool cheez he,, mujhe koi shikayat nahii thnx

  • Santosh Gupta Verified Buyer


    Anyone got GoPro or am I the only lucky guy who got GoPro camera inside the box,, i cant tell you how much happy i am right now😍😍😍. thank you! i'll also tell my friends to try this out.. let's see what they get

  • Sudhir Motwani Verified Buyer


    Quite a good items in the box and I'm happy with the items I recived in the box but Delivery was done in 11 Days which should be fast.

  • Satender Dhaker Verified Buyer


    good one. top quality items. fair price

  • Md Kabir Alam Verified Buyer


    Salamwlekum!! I really can't believe that I received this box with smart phone and other electronic products inside, thank you very much for sending me such a nice bundle of items I like👌👌 I hope you will get more and more customers in future.



    Nice! Good quality items😊 Delivery has been quick and efficient. First time online shopping😊

  • Abhishek Mohanlal Lunker Verified Buyer


    Yesterday I recived my order and I hv got couple of cool stuff including Alexa smart speaker, sony headphone, 20K MAh powerbank and lot of cool items. This is great value for money product. thanks a lot

  • Ganesh Prajapati Verified Buyer


    My friend's brother also got this parcel box so I also tried buying it and my heart is really very happy and I can't explain that this is how very lucky I am!❤️‍🔥 I got motorola phone just right before my birthday and this is best gift to me😚😚 after this my others friends also ordered this. super sensible seller and legit website. thank you and now I can make high quality reels videos! good luck to all of us who buy online!👍

  • Tarik Anwar Verified Buyer


    thank you so much bhomo.com❤️❤️❤️❤️unexpected really Iwas super excited to open it ! Gosh thaks God you fulfilled my wish for having a brand new phone !!! Thank you very much seller and also to the delivery for handling my package! Again this is my happiest and suprising moments of my life! 🙏 God bless u

  • Nirmal sen Verified Buyer


    Katai zehar!!! Bahut hi badhiya items bheje uske liye dill se shukriya. umid nahi thi itne saari cheeze bhari hogi box me lekin double se bhi jyada kimat ka saaman nikla Ram Ram!!!!!

  • Rajat Kumar Dalbehera Verified Buyer


    Products inside the box were all amazing but Delivery was too late, My Order was delivered after 12 days this was disappointing but I'm satisfied with the item I got inside the box. Thanks for the 2TB portable hard-drive, I've been desperately needed that and luckily got with the box but please try to deliver fast as We're habitual to get things delivered in 3-4 days.

  • Jasvir Singh Verified Buyer


    I love surprises, and these were all the best items in the box and all are branded and expensive one. I got a great gift for myself. Would recommend.

  • Mangat Ram Verified Buyer


    Akhir 10 din lambe intzaar ke baad aap log delivery kar hi diye. Mujhe laga fuddu bana rahe honge lekin waastav me kamaal ki cheeze mili mujhe.. isme sabse bada item redmi 8A mobile and Google home mila. Dhanyabad.

  • Amit kumar Prajapati Verified Buyer


    Sabse Pehle to thanks bolna chahunga itne acchhe products bhejne ke liye. Box me samsung ka M31 phone bhi mila. Mujhe lagta hai inko yeh products kilo ke bhaav se milte honge tabhi to ese ese products niklne box se. I truly support you 👍👍👍👍

  • Sumit Sharma Verified Buyer


    My expectations were not high but It surprised me when I opened the box.. there were lots of gadgets, some are expensive and some are cheap but every item is unique itself. totally satisfied. It made my day

  • Sawai Singh Verified Buyer


    Everything in the Box is amazing products. I got my fav product 1tb samsung ssd hard drive. Packkaging was great but delivery was little bit late so 4 star.

  • Harpreet Singh Verified Buyer


    Pehle mene socha kya kya niklega but jaise hi box ko khola aankhen fati reh gyi. pehla hi item jo mujhe nazar aaya wo tha Apple iWatch wo bhi original. meri to lottery hi nikal gyi. iske baad mene ekk aur order kiya but usme koi jyada expensive product to nhi nikla lekin jo bhi item the sab kamaal ke ... lagbhag 15000Rs se to upar ke hi item nikle dusre box me. Thankx Bhomo but delivery thoda jaldi karne ki kausihs karo